Wednesday, May 2, 2012

when in salt lake city

My hotel room windows/curtains. Whatever. I just got a new camera, so... sue me. 
The view.
How I spent my free morning.
Walked by this cool lookin' place with my momma.
Sweeeeet street art.
HOTEL. Not mine.
Coolest way ever to design bike racks.
I think this was built around the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Awesome statue!
View from the plane.
I went to Salt Lake City the other weekend (SLC!!!), and it was quite a lovely trip. I was planning to take a bunch of pictures of the mountains, but since I stayed downtown, I only ever really got to see them from the plane and at the airport. Ohhh well. As a first time visitor, I was definitely impressed with the cleanliness of the city (supposedly a portion of everyone's paychecks go back to keeping the city clean), and I liked that! But all in all, it was kind of strange. SLC has good shopping, a lot of interesting restaurants that I didn't have the chance to try [yet] since I was working so much, and it's just gorgeous. The only thing is... It feels deserted! Seriously. I was shocked at the lack of people walking the streets. I'll definitely give it another chance, but in my humble opinion, I think probably places last on the list of cities I've visited/how bad I want to live in them. But whatever! Next time, I GOTTA venture out to the salt flats; they're supposed to be awesome. 
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Closet Fashionista said...

Wel the photos make it look amazing! But I know what you mean about visiting a place and wanting to live there..haha

Courtney Erin said...

As perverse as it sounds, part of me is sort of happy that I didn't a get that I interviewed for there because I enjoyed visiting SLC but I was pretty bummed about the idea of loving there for pretty much the same reasons you describe.

Courtney ~

Syed said...

Damn that statue of the mother and child is so cool. Kinda just wish the mother didn't have such a blank facial expression, although it is admittedly kinda hard to capture emotions that well in sculpture...she could end up looking rather scary! And duuuude that view from the plane is insane.

lynnette said...

WOW! SLC looks pretty incredible with all the gorgeous hotels and cool buildings!! :D honestly I'd never thought much about that city before (though I've always heard of it). Seeing your photos makes it a place I definitely wanna visit next time in the U.S...eventually! XD