Monday, May 12, 2014

motherly love

As silly as this may sound, I came across this quote while rewatching my favorite '90s teen drama (Dawson's Creek, duh) last week and just haven't been able to get it out of my head. I've shared it on Facebook and Twitter already, but I felt like the blog was the best place to more permanently save this so very pinnable quote. Because life is hard. Suffering is inevitable. And disappointment - either as a result of your actions, or of the actions of others - is pretty much an e-v-e-r-y day occurrence. I don't consider myself a pessimist by any means, BUT I am realistic, and as lucky and privileged as I've been in the first 24 years of my life, I've also dealt with a lot of heartache. And I know that every person who might read this has experienced pain, as well. 

Despite that, there is a great truth in one of the very cliché analogies I learned growing up in church that's stuck with me over the years. I have always agreed with and understood it, and yet, I always forget about it in the moment. The adage goes something like, "one cannot appreciate the light without experiencing the dark." In other words, if there were no pain, no suffering, and no heartache, yes... our lives would be conflict-free and pretty easy. But it would be impossible to understand the wonder of life. So often I find myself worried about finances, stressed about a deadline, confronted with upsetting news, or overwhelmed by the troubles of people I care about, and I find myself desperately wishing life were easier (which is obliviously ridiculous, but it happens to every single one of us, all the time).

I hope as I grow older and gain more wisdom, I'm able to remember this line that Dawson's fictional yet wise TV mother so perfectly delivered in the aftermath of a breaking family. I hope that when I become a mother, I'll be able to consistently hold and share this perspective, even at my worst - even when life seems impossible to fix. Because it never is. I know I would never be able to appreciate the beauty of a perfectly sunny day, a stimulating conversation, a genuine smile, or a even a random stroke of luck. Without difficult times, we'd pretty much be robots, cruisin' through life. While I would never wish challenges upon anyone, I do wish for a glimmer of hope to appear in your mind the next time you find yourself in a pickle. In my mind, the things we learn by overcoming obstacles and getting through hard times are absolutely worth it; they make us stronger. And they make us real. Experience of any kind is worth it.

Alright, cheesy Laura is signing out.


Clio said...

Having had a pretty shitty and difficult year so far I know that this is true. Sometimes it can only be fully appreciated in hindsight though. I think you’ve really got to feel the pain and the crap and the hurt and once you’ve done that, it’s easier to appreciate the wonderfully good.

Also I totally thought I was the only one who actually watches Dawson’s Creek on Netflix!!

Miranda said...

Wonderful post. My senior quote in high school was "The shadow proves the sunshine." Cheesy, sure, but undeniably true.
I'd love to see more posts from you! I was missing from the blogging world for about a year (yikes) but I'm back now, hopefully for good! :)