Saturday, July 5, 2014

blorange dice x firmoo

Hey, everyone! I'm so excited to offer a giveaway from the website where I got my most recent pair of tortoiseshell glasses (love 'em). Not only can anyone participate in their first pair free program, but you can also enter for a chance to receive a $30 voucher to the whole site (and $30 goes a long way, promise). The rules are SO very simple, and I have five vouchers to give away. Comment on this post with your name and email address before 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, July 6th (tomorrow night) to enter. That's it! So jump on it, peeps.

For those of you that haven't ever ordered glasses online (or have not been able to do so yet successfully), I do have a few little tips:
  • be sure to measure and remeasure your Pupillary Distance (PD) for accuracy
  • give the virtual try-on a chance, but don't rely on that tool solely to make your decision
  • ladies, don't disregard the men's section - there are lots of cool, larger frame options in there!
My favorite things about using Firmoo compared to other online eyewear retailers definitely include the atlas-style glasses case that came with my order, the comment/review sections on each pair of frames, the amazing prices, and the easy check out process. I definitely recommend giving them a chance. Thanks for reading! xx


Anonymous said...

Yes please! Norman, my shopping husband has a fashion emergency and we need to bring him up. His Chihuahua chewed on his glasses and he has an appointment tomorrow but I just know he's going to go boring. This will give him a pair to spare that I know will increase his datability. (I just made that word up.) Send the voucher to I miss you..I love you...and I've always got my eyes on your style.

Sammi said...

Yeah, girl. Been browsing for glasses online and hadn't heard of Firmoo before. They've got some fab frames!


Also, your blog is great! :)

ava said...

Hi I love you and I love glasses :)

kristen said...

Never heard of this company, so I checked em out and they are so affordable! Great styles too! KLsarro at yahoo dot com

a home in the yellow wood said...



Thx! :)

Anonymous said...

Although I realize that duct tape is a fashion statement within itself, it sure would be nice to have some glasses without it.
Karen Rothfus

Larlo Ormoc said...

Hello, I judt want you to know that you're blog is so wonderful and your photos are so inspiring!! I'm a boy!!